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"Journey To L.A." March 2017 for the Guitar Center Singer-Songwriter Finals -

John is one of five finalist selected by Renown producer RedOne, to perform live at the Troubadour in Los Angeles California in March this Year, for a chance at a life-changing prize. Follow the Journey HERE

Music makes you Think -

John is a professional singer-songwriter residing in Savannah, Georgia. In addition to composing for Songfinch, he composes tracks for commercials and TV shows as part of his sync licensing gig.  In addition, he also maintains a photography and video business. He’s proficient in nine different instruments and has his own home recording studio. In other words, all of his assignments can be done swiftly, conveniently and economically.  And although he only gets paid $100 per Songfinch assignment, he’s capable of releasing tunes within a few hours so he feels his hourly rate is fair — at least, for now.

During the creative process, John vacillates between applying songwriting techniques and surrendering to the artistic flow. He compares his methods to that of a graphic designer. He looks for the big, emotional idea first (which usually ends up being the chorus) while the verses handle the details that fill in the rest of the song.

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Livewells Latest -

The favorite of the five seemed to be John Russell – self-titled on YouTube; this Detroit native brought the house down and was surely one of the only SXSW acts of the day to play the guitar in a black suit. Seemingly too young to have the raw vocals he portrayed, John brought truthfulness to his performance with no visible nerves. His musical influences shine through as notes of John Mayer and Ella Fitzgerald peak in between the lines of every chord progression...

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Sav Morning News -

Just like most young singers/songwriters living in Savannah, John Russell is trying to get his name out and make a living doing what he loves most — making music. 

So Russell was floored when he found out he was handpicked by Oscar winner and Emmy Award-winning musician John Legend...
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